AnexGATE: Network Security & Connectivity Appliance-Solutions via Indigenous Technologies

CIOReview Team | Monday, 30 January 2017, 06:10 IST

Lately technology in the network security space has been through many dramatic changes. New mobile operating systems, growing use of personal devices, and Software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery make securing the network a growing challenge. Enhancements in the network infrastructure that connect devices within or across the network make all these developments possible. With multiple network connection accessibility, more remote users, and extensive upgrades to mobile networks, such as adoptions in new technology, sophisticated adversaries, and disruptive regulation have placed cyber-risk high on every organization’s agenda.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, AnexGATE, a subsidiary of Smile Security and Surveillance Pvt. Ltd. (SSSPL), an ISO 9001:2015 organization, aligns right in the gap between challenge and solution. The company provides integrated products and solutions for Multi ISP support & Load Balancer cum Auto Failover, Network Security, Web & Email Security, AAA with Captive Portal Capabilities, VPN and On-Appliance Logging & Reporting that are cost efficient and easy-to-use. “The AnexGATE appliances provide always-on High speed secure and 100 percent uptime network connectivity, security, productivity & manageability solutions for distributed enterprises, SOHO, remote offices/users, datacenters, multi-location offices, and distributed enterprises”, exclaims Rahul Gupta, Managing Director, SSSPL.

Secure remote access & connectivity solutions for Enterprise, Safe city & Cloud management applications
Today, companies need to securely connect the global workforce to the field equipment in order to access information, monitor status, provide enhanced remote services and much more. AnexGATE’s secure VPN helps granularly manage user permissions to remote Servers and Applications. Cloud based VPN solutions from AnexGATE provides a full tunnel for secure communications to the cloud for secure remote access to VSaaS resources and hosted video surveillance. The whole end-to-end security from client side to server side and to the monitoring end is taken care by AnexGATE range of products.

Most large organizations need to subscribe to multiple MPLS providers. While for smaller bandwidth requirements the costs are reasonable, for MPLS the costs increases. Invariably, it is found that in locations where MPLS is unavailable, the organizations depend on broadband, as a result the entire network gets cluttered. AnexGATE ACE’s key feature deliverables in such scenarios include Multi-ISP failover & auto load balancing support with 2G/3G/4G data card/ADSL/broadband/cable modem/VSAT connections support. AnexGATE appliances secure both inbound and outbound data transfer through secure transmission tunnels and manage the VPN traffic by defining granular access rules based on VPN Users, Network addresses and location. It enables remote access users to simply connect with minimal configuration at the remote locations. AnexGATE ACE functions as VPN client to establish a secure tunnel to the AnexGATE VPN Concentrator server appliance at the main office.

With AnexGATE HTTP/S Proxy (which supports both Transparent / Non-Transparent mode), organizations ensure complete Web security and filtering. AnexGATE’s tool enables the administrator to allow access to particular internet sites or network addresses or to control the available bandwidth for each user. The use of caching proxies reduces network traffic, speeds up access time for popular documents, and provides a higher effective network bandwidth. Also, it provides Static/Multicast/Policy route support, Tiny Web proxy for restricted Internet access, Secure SSL / IPSec VPN support, On-demand Secure SSL VPN support for multicast traffic, Drop in placement support, Integrated wireless access point with multiple SSID & Wireless repeater support, Built-in stateful firewall, QoS support, Remote Syslog, SNMP, DDNS, and Web Guard.

AnexGATE's VPN failover and load balancing feature enables deployment in numerous possible configurations and supports remote/branch offices to seamlessly establish a VPN connection to a secondary gateway, should the connection to the primary gateway be terminated. AnexGATE USG with its deployment flexibility delivers simple options for Multi Link Management, branch office connectivity, wireless security, centralized management and on-appliance reporting. Furthermore, Hotspot application rendered by AnexGATE enables control of Wi-Fi and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) networks and ensures easy management, network security and tracking across any device platform, thereby securing navigation of the guests and users.

For more than a decade now, AnexGATE has been effectively protecting companies worldwide against cyber-attacks with IT security solutions “Made in India- for the World”. Recognized with National Productivity and Innovation Award (NPIA) from the National Productivity Council (NPC), Government of India and “Make in India Zero Defect Zero Effect” for manufacturing and even exporting to many international markets including Japan, Taiwan, USA and Canada; the company assists customers to secure their mission-critical networks from various attacks and simplify IT security infrastructure. While offering complete range of appliance solutions to address from SOHO type networks comprising less than 10 users to enterprise type networks scaling to 1000+ users, AnexGATE plans to expand the product line with innovative products and be economically competitive in the market.

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