TechnoPilot: Delivering Economical and Novel Network Security Solutions to SMBs

CIO Vendor with the ever evolving digital technologies, businesses are rolling out a multitude of technological innovations. However, with stronger internet connections and fast paced software development, IT security is becoming a matter of concern with security threats emanating from cyber space. The number of cyber crime cases is escalating exponentially growing in sophistication, scope and frequency with new age hackers crippling businesses by breaking open the security gates of networks and holding critical information ransom.

Companies are aggressively pursuing strategies to increase cyber security of their existing and new digital assets. Small businesses succumb to these cyber attacks frequently as they have fewer resources to manage network security by themselves and lack technically skilled professionals. Exclusively catering to SMBs in the cyber security sector, TechnoPilot,incepted in 2013, proffers solutions that efficiently manage the risk of exposing organizations business-critical data, while improving business continuity and reducing overall costs.

Moreover, a network may support a broad range of applications, protocols and operating systems simultaneously. This diverse infrastructure can complicate maintenance and patching of servers and network devices, resulting in delays and systems that are vulnerable to evolving threats.

TechnoPilot's highly economical offering, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS),encompasses a gamut of features that can be utilized to monitor and block malicious network activity including predefined and custom signatures, protocol decoders, out of band mode (orone arm IPS mode), packet logging and IPS sensors. The implementation of intrusion prevention solutions assists organization provide reduced risk of a security breach through real time threat protection; high levels of performance and availability without compromising security.

In conjunction with this solution, Integrated Unified Threat
Management(UTM) proffers a plethora of security applications in a single device, from mail and content filtering to anti virus and network access control solutions. UTM enables one to secure the network at a significantly reduced cost with lower management over head and fewer hardware requirements, minimising the total cost of ownership to secure your network.

We make the client a difficult target and keep their business secure with these six steps - encrypt data, secure hardware, lock the network, install anti malware and antivirus protection, educate the employees and hire security

Dr.RK Thomas, Founder, TechnoPilot explains, "We make the client a difficult target and keep their business secure with these six steps encrypt data, secure hardware, lock the network, install antimalware and antivirus protection, educate the employees and hire security." Additionally, the company offers Success Coaching Service that facilitates clients to attain a vision for their dream business and achieve an exceptional business growth.

Dr.RK Thomas further adds, "Ours is the only company in the world which provides an umbrella of services that include top notch network security, business success coaching as well as Energy healing services which is backboned on our trademarked Divine Grid Healing."

Thrilled by their progress in the sector, TechnoPilot endeavours to strengthen their channel ecosystem and increase their market reach in India across tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Furthermore, TechnoPilot's team of skilled professionals are currently developing what they believe are the security systems of the future, embedded with multi layered Elliptic Curve Cryptography, nanotechnology dovetailed with Laws of Quantum physics and using esoteric laws, relatively uncommon technologies.