CYBERNETIV DIGITAL: Providing Turnkey Solutions to Make IT Infrastructure Secure

Farrhad Acidwalla, Founder

As businesses evolve and the digital transformation wave sweeps over them, most companies, especially SMBs, lag behind in the cybersecurity sector, owing to the lack of funds and knowledge when compared to the larger organizations. The amount of technology consumed by businesses is directly proportional to the vulnerability to cyber-attacks. In the real-world, cyber-attacks are escalating with financially motivated hackers honing their skills continually.

While businesses recognize the pertinent need for a solution to be in place, there is a lack of awareness amongst stakeholders and employees concerning security breaches, security policies and procedures, data protection and the potential risks of an attack. “Human error and lack of awareness is a significant cause of concern and educating stakeholders, and team members are key,” informs Farrhad Acidwalla, Founder, CYBERNETIV DIGITAL. Safeguarding businesses from premeditated as well as unplanned cyber attacks is Mumbai headquartered CYBERNETIV DIGITAL with its league of skilled and highly trained personnel who develop bespoke security protocols and turnkey solutions formulated based on the ecosystem, IT infrastructure, and specific organizational
requirements. The team has been acknowledged for assisting in securing the web assets of several global brands such as Asus, Lenovo, Microsoft and Sony.

Businesses are cognizant of the fact that they need to stay abreast of the increasing cyber threats and have a competent in-house team which is capable of handling the same. Coming to the fore is CYBERNETIV
DIGITAL with its robust EmployeeRisk Assessment & Reduction program that is designed to secure the human capital within an organization. “To mitigate the“human risk factor”,it isimperative to educate employees on standard operating procedures and security-related threats as well as best practices,” explains Farrhad.

" The company's solutions have been deployed by some of the well-renowned brands in the industry like Asus, Lenovo, Microsoft, and Sony"

Working towards making organizations more aware and secure, the company provides its clients with vulnerability assessments, technology infrastructure audits, external checks, training as well as support and guidance to protect their technology assets all the while ensuring complete transparency and confidentiality. Farrhad tells us how the Enterprise Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration testing services are designed and developed to conduct several different simulated attacks on an enterprise network with the goal of identifying common anomalies as well as stealthvulnerabilities. In conjunction with this, a certain amount of time is allocated to focus on policies, privileges and more than 30 fine points; combing through the entire enterprise network. Post conducting these analyses, an exhaustive report detailing results, weaknesses and potential ROI is presented to the management keeping the process transparent with a holistic view.

Instead of treating compliance, cybersecurity, and other technology verticals as disparate processes,CYBERNETIV DIGITAL works towards combining these facets at every stage to drive better performance. Working around this ideology, the team carries out an in-depth analysis of the existing online assets and infrastructure to deliver detailed processes and recommendations after considering the technology, organizational procedures and human capital specific to organizations.

Apart from having on-board the secure systems and solutions, the globally experienced team at CYBERNETIV DIGITAL have fall backs and auxiliary processes in place, which continue to protect its clients in an unforeseen internal or external breach.