DNIF: Cyber Security Powered by Big Data Analytics

Shomiron Gupta, CEO & Founder

In today's evolving cyber security landscape, the attack surface is growing exponentially with the advent of digital transformation, and attackers have become capable of penetrating even the most robust security systems. Although there are security solutions available, enterprises are struggling to prioritize their security initiatives as they are expecting real business value in return from their investment. Hence, they are looking for a solution which instead of addressing specific cyber security threats follows a holistic risk-based approach to cyber security.

Big Data analytics has proved extremely useful in this regard. The security related information extracted from big data helps businesses detect all types of cyber security threats including malware/ransomware attacks, compromised and weak devices, and malicious insider programs, while significantly reducing the time needed to detect vulnerabilities. Hence, organizations are increasingly inclining toward real-time cyber security solutions powered by big data analytics.

Catering to these needs, Mumbai headquartered NETMONASTERY, with its real-time integrated data analytics and threat defense platform – DNIF , detects and responds to complex threats. This platform brings the advanced big data analytics, threat detection and enabled response into the SOC(Security Operations Center). It provides end-to-end capability from receiving unstructured data to indexing and querying the store and to deploy complex rules to detect cyber threats.

“With evolving threats and growing data volumes and complexities, protecting data and managing attacks has now become top priority. The DNIF platform is specifically designed to bring in multiple data-driven functionalities such as security analytics, threat hunting, SOAR(Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) , and security data lakes onto a
single platform to empower organizations with meaningful insights, process efficiency, better manageability, and reduced risks,” says Shomiron Das Gupta, Founder & CEO, DNIF.

Improving the overall security posture
As cyber security has become a big data issue now, solving it requires sophisticated analytics and effective control mechanisms to improve the overall security posture. Since the DNIF platform is based on Big Data, it can ingest, parse and enrich large volumes of data quickly and bounce back with actionable intelligence using intricate models, profilers and rules. By implementing Big Data technology over traditional RDBMS systems for Security Analytics, DNIF enables enterprises to set up advanced SIEM platform. DNIF can function as a comprehensive SIEM solution with pre-built correlation rules created to identify different cyber threats and capability to deploy custom rules. It has built-in automated workflows for end-to-end threat management from monitoring to remediation and response.

In the traditional systems, users have to implement separate tools for threat hunting, whereas with the active hunting feature of DNIF, users can keep searching the data set for new potential threats. The contextual threat intelligence feature helps in enrichment of in-stream data automatically, by adding related information such as associated users, geographic locations, devices, networks, related activities or even user defined fields. This ensures that the data store has a lot more contextual information which is highly essential during threat detection.

By using the “fnExchange” – an open source project by NETMONASTERY, DNIF can easily integrate with any application in the ecosystem which helps to orchestrate workflows.

The DNIF team consists of security experts who are passionate about securing enterprise networks with the best-in-class security solutions. DNIF has won the 'Security Product Company of the year' award at NASSCOM - DSCI Excellence awards 2018. This product is used by the biggest players in the BFSI, NBFC and Telecom industries.

DNIF is currently working on security data lake projects and helping customers bring in all organizational data in one place to derive insights across departments from a single platform and see valuable information on their screens using the DNIF platform.