SafeHouse Technologies: Security Solution with Easy User Interface for Mobile Devices

Aditya Narang, Managing Director

The need for greater work efficiency has made the use of mobile devices by employees very common at workplaces,irrespective of the size of businesses. However, the increasing use of mobile phones has brought in new security challenges for organizations. Now, the corporate information is more vulnerable to the theft and attack from the hackers as they are constantly finding new ways to compromise mobile devices and get access to the office network. While managing the company’s own devices are lot easier than to enforce on employees to adhere to certain guidelines, it becomes a difficult situation which does not result in full security, given the factors like: hard to follow rules, negligence on the part of employees, lengthy processes etc. Businesses need a solution which can provide them protection on mobile devices without compromising on the efficiency of organizations or putting any burden on employees.

Perfectly understanding the existing security dynamics and work culture of businesses today, SafeHouse Technologies has identified and created a right balance to provide high level security which anyone can use. “We pride ourselves in developing technology that is not only military grade but easy to use,”says, Aditya Narang, Managing Director of Safe-House Technologies.
Stringent Security with Utmost Ease
The company acknowledges mobile devices to be the most vulnerable the company’s first step towards securing the enterprise against the vulnerability. The security solution is a one-button application that encrypts and secures mobile devices for both, corporate and personal use. The security solution can be deployed across organization regardless of their size. “We have designed and delivered BodyGuard as a tool for a personal user, small office with 4-5 employees, or large enterprise with 10,000 employees,” mentions Aditya.

"We have designed and delivered BodyGuard as a tool for a personal user, small office with 4-5 employees, or large enterprise with 10,000 employees"

Cloud-based Cyber Protection Engine
To guard corporate data against theft and exploitation by hackers, one of the most trusted and secure ways is to encrypt it. Encryption renders the files and information contained in it as unreadable. BodyGuard encrypts and secures mobile devices for businesses. The security solution application detects and prevents threats in real time while securing all the Internet traffic.“At SafeHouse we have built a cloud-based cyber protection engine that is capable of detecting and preventing cyber threats in real time,”says Aditya. The software application has a 'Protect My Device' button, a user only needs to click once to encrypt and secure their device. And by this all the Internet traffic on the mobile is fully encrypted and under real time cyber analysis.“We save no data, and there is less than 1 percent battery usage for both iOS and Android devices,”confirms Aditya.

Expanding the Solution Further
The company has already launched its enterprise version with 100s of companies in New Delhi, and now it is expanding to other regions in India. The software solution for personal use is available in all Tata Croma stores nationwide. Further, the company wishes to incorporate IoT in its products and launch it in the market.