Volon Cyber Security: Harnessing Intelligence to Detect and Respond to Cyber Threat Beforehand

Muslim Koser, Head of Product & Technology

Past few years have seen a significant escalation in the number of cyber attacks alerting businesses and the government to the reality of cyberwarfare. The dramatic increase in cyber intrusions,threats and attacks are exposing sensitive personal information and business-critical data, thereby disrupting key operations leading to high costs. There has been a paradigm shift from the lone hacker in his backyard to a financially motivated and well organized community of highly advanced hackers that carry out a well planned attack. On the other hand, cyber security solution providers lack the agility and face an acute shortage of trained security experts.

“Unfortunately the lack of agility and the siloed approach among cyber security providers have only helped the attacker community to stay a few steps ahead,”explains Kapil Gupta, Co-founder,Volon Cyber Security. Puneheadquartered Volon Cyber Security offers threat intelligence solutions for advanced threat detection and response.

The team researches the vulnerabilities and potentialweak points by organizing intelligence based on customer threat landscape. This is followed by validating the threat indicators (before sharing the same with customers) and lastly,delivering outcomes under the framework of Service Level Agreements making it effortless for customers to consume intelligence and act on it accordingly. “In order to understand cyber criminal’s modus operandi, at times one has to enter in their territory. Our experts deploy humanintelligence in Darknet/Darkweb to bring the precise actionable intelligence pertaining to our customers,” informs Kapil.

The company offers a bouquet of solutions on subscription model for corporate and governments with its leading proprietary platform and brand leader ‘IntelliGear’ used for advanced Threat Detection and Response delivered through customerportal, reports and APIs. In addition to this, the company also offers Brand Protection, OpFuzz (Software
Fuzzing), Red Teaming, Sandboxing and TORNADO (Anti-Piracy) solutions.

IntelliBuild is Volon's another innovative offering aimed at upscaling organization’s internal security posture through better consumption of intelligence. The customer’s business case to adopt the service is driven by
providing visibility and control over efficiency and effectiveness of cyber security posture and makes the process repeatable to ensure that intelligent insights lead to outcomes with high degree of precision.

In order to ensure that actionable threat intelligence is aligned to customer’s business objectives and achieved at a fraction of cost (compared to upgrading multiple technologies), ‘IntelliGear’deploys HUMINT(HumanIntelligence), OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) and TECHINT (Technical Intelligence) and provisions monitoring of Darknet,Cyber Crime, DDOS, Malware, Credentials and Card Leaks, Social Media, Database Breach & Phishing.

Another unique proprietary offering, “IntelliHunt” is leveraged to conduct rapid detection of malware, pinpoint indicators of compromise, and artefacts of unauthorized activity thereby leading to an early assessment of the threat, risks, and scope of the intrusion.

“We are very customer centric and always focus on customers’ business model, cultural alignment and their cyber security challenges,” says Kapil while attributing the success of Volon to the strength of the team and its global experience delivering projects for most of Fortune 20 organizations.

Kapil Gupta, Co-founder

With the goal to remain agile and one step ahead of the continually advancing cyber threats, the team is upgrading its platforms so that Threat Indicators and Human Intelligence collection and dissemination can be largely based on AI and ML.