GoDMARC: Are you aware who is sending email on your behalf?

CIO Vendor In the advent of escalating cybercrimes, it is crucial to have efficient DMARC Services that enable multi-layered security against attacks. It’s essential for businesses to combat cyber threats, maintain brand reputation and gain customer trust. DMARC complies the signals from two existing technologies - SPF and DKIM. SPF allows the domain owner to specify which IP addresses are authorized to send an email on their behalf. Whereas, DKIM uses an encrypted signature to verify if an email sender is who they say they are. DMARC combines the results of SPF and DKIM to accurately identify if and email is from authorized sender or a fraudulent impersonator and can therefore actively block phishing attacks by implementing a policy. Although, managing the DMARC with full visibility into various channels is often a complex task.

Managed DMARC Services
After being familiar with the scenario, ‘Neuailes Global’comes on board, which offers completely managed DMARC services under the brand name “GoDMARC” to help businesses restrict their exposure to cyber threats and prevent data breaches. It does so via robust authentication processes. Along with GoDMARC services, the company also provides vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT) services that enable the best quality test coverage to combat security attacks. “Leveraging our years of experience in handling different email services & IT Security, we provide easy to use DMARC & VAPT services. Our flagship product GoDMARC enables businesses to actively block phishing, boost email deliverability and gain visibility into multiple communication channels and attempted security attacks. By delivering actionable insights about suspicious emails and other emails that fail authentication, our solution helps businesses take corrective measures in advance,” emphasizes Tarun Arora, Co-Founder, Neuailes Global Technologies.

Enhancing Brand Reputation with Robust Authentication
GoDMARC performs DKIM and SPF authentication along with alignment tests to verify the sender’s domain and then accordingly decides on the future course of actions to be taken such as quarantine or reject, based on the results. GoDMARC assists mail receivers to differentiate between authorized and malicious mails, thus allowing them to act wisely. This
enables businesses to prevent data breaches and restore customer’s trust by addressing the issues of fraudulent mails.

“We have been assisting Banks/Enterprises to proactively monitor and gain visibility into the mails that are being sent from their domains. We continuously monitor the on-going threat activities and inform the concerned IT team in order to take necessary action(s) to prevent the cyber-attacks. This year it would be DMARC + BIMI. BIMI allows you to display your company logo in supported inboxes, putting your brand front-and-center for subscribers. The underlying goal of BIMI is to make it easy for customers & subscribers to identify trustworthy senders so they can trust the content in their inbox. When they see your logo, they can immediately trust that it’s an actual email from you. BIMI is still in beta stage but would be a boom for Email marketers when completely launched,” explainsTarun about their GoDMARC services.

By delivering actionable insights about suspicious emails and other emails that fail authentication, our solution helps businesses take corrective measures in advance

GoDMARC has been recognized as one of the key contenders in the DMARC segment by leading market research firms including Orbis Research, MarketResearchNest, HTF Market Intelligence Consulting, Market Research Hub, etc. Being one of the notable players in the market, the company seeks to continue on its mission to help clients protect their sensitive data and succeed in their business journey.