Holm Security: Next Generation Vulnerability Management Platform

CIO Vendor According to a report by MarketsandMarkets, the global cyber security market is expected to reach USD 248.6 billion by the year 2023 and the market for vulnerability assessment is evaluated to be USD 6 billion. The major challenge faced by the cyber security providers in today’s world is to deliver a product which is easy to implement with lesser time taken and fits into the budget of small and large enterprises.

Holm Security, a company providing a cyber security product to protect against hackers, terrorist, cyber armies and other criminals, generates a clear and obvious value for the customer. Holm Security platform gives the insight and understanding of how well protected an organization is against these threats with a minimal investment in time and money. The team at Holm Security has deep experience in the IT security industry, product development and sales.

Complete Overview of the Vulnerabilities for Small & Large Organizations
Holm Security platform called Holm Security VMP is a complete platform for scanning the network as well as web applications and APIs. There are several powerful tools that support the entire workflow - from discovery to response and mitigation. Covering both the network and web application layers, it gives a complete overview of the vulnerabilities in the digital infrastructure. The platform provides all the tools needed for a customer to show compliance with for e.g. ISO/IEC27001, PCI DSS and OWASP top 10.
In order to ensure the safety of personal data, structured security work is needed to ensure the resilience of systems that continuously handle personal data. For this purpose, Holm Security VMP offers numerous tools to support compliance with GDPR, but also compliance with the proposed Personal Data Protection Bill (PDPB). The platform enables customer to pinpoint systems and applications that are related to personal data and helps to make sure that these systems are free from vulnerabilities. Holm Security plans to expand its reach in near future both in the aspects of market and technology. After seeing the current trends in the Indian market, Holm Security considers India to be a key market and is already expanding the local team to cover all regions and to be able to provide first-class support and service.

Holm Security platform called Holm Security VMP is a complete platform for scanning the network as well as web applications and APIs

“We are constantly looking for new market opportunities and we are expecting to go from 7-15 markets within the upcoming years. We are also planning to expand the sales and technical teams by this year,” says Stefan Thelberg, Founder & CEO, Holm Security.

“Looking at the technology, Holm Security is planning to launch several interesting projects. Many of these projects can’t be disclosed at this point of time, but one project is extended support for scanning and audit for cloud-based and container infrastructure,” adds Stefan.