ProDMARC: Delivering a Complete Email Security Suite

CIO Vendor Today, irrespective of the size of a business or the vertical it belongs to, cyber security concern has become one of the most critical challenges to be dealt with. As digitalization has become a common step for all the businesses in a technology-driven connected world, it is important for them to protect themselves from evolving cyber attacks. A major threat in today’s world of business is email impersonation scams – also known as business email compromise. These attacks are specifically designed to dupe some of the important stakeholders of the business and use the brand value for some malicious reasons. As every problem has a solution, one of the trusted and effective solution to thwart an advanced email based phishing attack is to incorporate DMARC (Domain Message Authentication Reporting) – a robust email authentication, policy, and reporting protocol.

Safeguarding Organizations from Malicious Email Impersonation
Focusing completely on brand’s protection by securing its clients from today’s email impersonation scams, ProDMARC offers a complete email security suite by leveraging DMARC capabilities which has been built on two globally accepted email authentication protocols namely SPF and DKIM. The company offers various end-to-end solutions through its various services across Brand Protection, Better Visibility, Improved Deliverability, and Threat Intelligence. As increasing number of cybercriminals are luring a company’s customers into opening phishing emails, ProDMARC effectively blocks phishing emails from getting delivered to customer’s inboxes. Delivering its best-instandard platform to its clients spread across Asia, ProDMARC is fully supporting organizations to adopt this particular standard to help them mitigate the threat of impersonation. Furthermore, this platform not only safeguards the emails, but also increases brand visibility for an organization. It improves deliverability, ensuring that emails do not get blocked due to misconfigurations, hence making the best use of the customer email communication, and also providing threat intelligence - generating actionable threat intelligence feeds for one’s security and transaction monitoring systems, hence blocking targeted attacks proactively.

Backed by the decades of experience, ProDMARC supports critical businesses such as banking, insurance, stock-market, healthcare and pharma, media, telecom, manufacturing, IT & ITeS, among others. However, as this phenomenon is plaguing other verticals as well, the solutions provided by the company can be just the right fit to overcome today’s threats related to email impersonation.
“Our ProDMARC platform has emerged as a country leader in DMARC analytics and processes about 4 billion emails per month, out of which, 48 million emails are related to some sort of email phishing attacks,” informs Bhavin Bhansali, CoFounder & CEO, ProgIST Solutions. “Through our highly efficient and matured ProDMARC analytics platform combined with our expertise in the field of security, we are able to identify every sort of fraudulent activities going over emails which are critically affecting brands across verticals. We help them mitigate those through an automated platform that we have and our managed services,” adds Chaithanya Rao, CoFounder & CTO, ProgIST Solutions.

If we talk about ProDMARC’s team, most of them are ex-bankers, and have a very strong understanding of information security and cyber security concerns. As many of the employees have spent decades in large private sector brands, ProDMARC has the required expertise to help organizations deflect any sort of malicious emails which can harm their business.

Our ProDMARC platform has emerged as a country leader in DMARC analytics and processes about 4 billion emails per month, out of which, 48 million emails are related to somesort of email phishing attacks

“We will continue to bring innovations in this space with an aim of becoming single vendor who can solve every business security issue. In addition to ProDMARC, we have launched our “training through simulation” platform ProPhish which is a highly effective tool for enterprises to train their employees for real-world email-based phishing attacks,” concludes Bhavin Bhansali.