Radware: Securing the Digital Experiences

CIO Vendor With the constantly changing market dynamics, Cybersecurity is no more a luxury, but an absolute necessity for any business to survive and sustain itself. As security breaches across organizations are rapidly increasing, it has created critical demand for vendors offering reliable Cybersecurity solutions. Also, exponential digital growth and stringent regulatory mandates have been driving this market growth bandwagon even further. However, it is easier to just say than to actually deliver effective security solutions in reality. With fraudsters/hackers evolving themselves by implementing various tools and technologies, businesses today require products and services which can deliver an end-to-end security solution.

As one of the global leaders in cyber security and application delivery solutions from physical, cloud, to software-defined data centers, Radware has been securing the digital experience for organizations and its end-users by providing infrastructure, application, and corporate IT protection and availability services to enterprises globally with its portfolio of award-winning solutions.

“We are one of the only OEMs to offer fully managed, single vendor hybrid solutions that interoperate seamlessly and offer most comprehensive on-premise and cloud protection against volumetric attacks. Also, our real-time signature development and advanced response ensure that legitimate traffic remains unaffected, thereby minimizing latency for legitimate users while protecting against zero-day vulnerabilities,” highlights Nikhil Karan Taneja, Managing Director – INDIA, SAARC & Middle East, Radware. The adaptive self-learning feature of the solutions further enables automatic application of countermeasures to block threats.

Empowering Clients with Virtualized DDoS solution
As one of the first vendors to launch virtualized/specialized DDoS solution, Radware has been making organizations resilient to cyberattacks by delivering services and solutions combining DoS Protection, On-premise DDoS protection with the cloud service activated on-demand, On-premise device management, Real-time signature generation algorithms, Behavioral Analysis, IPS, SSL Protection and Web Application Firewall technologies. Also, when attack volume increases and saturates internet
pipe, traffic is redirected to scrubbing center where the attack is mitigated. To top it off, this solution is backed by Radware’s battle proven emergency response team (ERT) 24X7. “We provide the needed expertise to detect multi vector attacks and also work closely with the customers to analyze the situation and decide on the best remediation. With assurity and reliability, we have been providing integrated application and network security for a best of breed, multi-layered security architecture and DDoS attack prevention,” adds Nikhil.

We are one of the only OEMs to offer fully managed, single vendor hybrid solutions that interoperate seamlessly and offer most comprehensive onpremise and cloud protection against volumetric attacks

Deploying Scalable and Flexible Security Services
Furthermore, eradicating the burden of encrypting/decrypting data sent via SSL security protocol to relieve web servers of organization's data center, Radware’s Alteon SSL Inspect supports scalable and flexible security services deployment, and reduces overall security solution costs via off-loading decryption and re-encryption of SSL encrypted traffic. This additional SSL offload device has been specifically designed to perform SSL inspection acceleration and termination. With a simple one-box solution for offloading traffic encryption/decryption processing for both inbound and outbound traffic, it acts as a central switching point for all perimeter network security modules which significantly reduce latency of SSL encrypted. Security managers can easily chain and provision security services with highly granular policy options per user profile, with simple out-of-the box wizards.

Radware India runs with 40-men strong team spread across the country with its Indian head office in New Delhi. Nikhil Taneja is one of the top 4 people who historically mattered for numbers to Radware globally. Under his leadership, Radware India has won many awards including ‘Web Application Firewall Vendor of the year 2019 for India, ‘Best DDoS Attack Mitigation Solution’ in 2017 and ‘Best DDoS Vendor’ in 2016 by VAR India, to name a few.