SecureVel Solutions: Better Equipping Users against Malicious Phishing Attacks

CIO Vendor In today’s day and age, organizations are getting rid of their traditional on-premise software and related infrastructure and are migrating to the cloud in favour of better management, access and scalability. But the move to cloud also presents its own set of security risks of which businesses have become victims to a multitude of phishing attacks, a fraudulent attempt to access critical information. Most organizations lack the required skill-set to avoid being duped by such security issues. Moreover, modern phishing attacks are often highly targeted and are rapidly increasing in their level of sophistication.

Perfectly poised in this domain and helping workforces hone their threat detecting skills is Delhi headquartered SecureVel Solutions with its robust Phishing Assessment and User Awareness training platform, PhishSecure. Once the customer is onboard, SecureVel’s team of highly qualified professionals commence with conducting realistic yet safe simulated phishing attacks in order to detect the vulnerable users that are prone to succumbing to such attacks. Reports of these tests are generated and are displayed with threat scoring. Users are then furnished with various training materials in order to deliver high levels of security awareness training and train them to become human firewalls. Post this, the simulation is repeated in order to verify the progress of the training. “We carry out phishing simulations and provide a report of the number of vulnerable users that have fallen prey to the simulations and based on that, we educate users through different methods such as videos, training materials, or even training sessions. We believe technology alone cannot protect you but you need your employees to be better equipped as well,” says Khushamad Nazir, Founder & CEO of SecureVel Solutions.

The highly customizable and easy-to-use platform offers unlimited phishing attempts, a portfolio of enterprise centric professional email templates, a massive collection of non technical & user centric wall papers,
a human maturity dashboard, department wise maturity dashboard and organization wise maturity dashboard, to name a few. SecureVel’s PhishSecure is a security awareness training and simulated phishing platform that helps enterprises manage the ongoing problem of social engineering. “The PhishSecure platform is user-friendly and intuitive. Our Customer Success team gets you going in no time, without the need for consulting hours,” adds Nazir.

SecureVel’s PhishSecure is a security awareness training and simulated phishing platform that helps enterprises manage the ongoing problem of social engineering

In addition to this, SecureVel also offers Online Brand Production that assures brand reputation protection, detects any suspicious domains registration, data exposure, possible confidential information leakage and credential theft, identifies security threats of websites and apps, if any and reports if any email ID’s have been misused or compromised due to data breaches. Khushamad breaks it down for us as he explains how a company that may be building several products or various brands which are being marketed across a website may be prone to domain infringement where the hacker may attempt to register a lookalike domain and then try to highjack the users and their valuable information. This is where the company’s Online Brand Production offering comes to play and eliminates any such threats.

The Future Blueprint
A recent entrant in the market, Nazir tells us how he aspires to cater to more large-scale enterprises where he can leverage his 25 year tenure of having serviced such enterprises. Additionally, the company is currently working on several innovative products that have not been commercialized yet and are being tested before its release in the near future.