Thales: A Unique Approach in Information Security to Unravel Vulnerabilities

CIO Vendor Over the years, technology has truly transformed the way we think and act, and enabled businesses to become more agile to realize their business goals. However, in spite of the noteworthy advancements in terms of technology, there still exist a myriad of vulnerabilities in today’s well connected systems which need to be addressed with extra care for timely solutions and desired outputs. The sharing of information in an external and internal environment across the globe has made organizations vulnerable to cyber-attacks, resulting in large scale data breaches. Hence, businesses are on the lookout for trusted technology partner who can address their complete information security lifecycle and help them take preventive measure to avoid data breaches.

Enabling Secure Digital Operations
Thales has carved a niche for itself in the cyber security space as a global leader helping businesses combat cyber threats and perform secure digital operations by managing their end-to-end information security lifecycle. As a specialized firm in digital identity and security, the company empowers clients to minimize security vulnerabilities, laying foundation for the cornerstone of trust in the digital world. “Today, cybersecurity has become a strategic initiative for organizations owing to their increased focus to defend against high-profile data thefts and breaches. Therefore, as a preventive measure for the cyberattacks, there is an increase in the demand of cybersecurity services,” says Emmanuel de Roquefeuil, VP & Country Director for India, Thales.

Ensuring Information Security throughout Lifecycle
As proliferation of data is outpacing the established security system’s abilities to safeguard it, is crucial for businesses to ensure security for the data throughout its lifecycle by orchestrating novel cyber security strategies. In today’s environment, it is not sufficient to have just network firewalls and other network perimeter technologies. The security strategy should also include implementation of solutions that control access and the authentication for varying level of users, provide encryption of data, and securely manage and store all encryption keys. This can help
organizations to better prepare themselves against potential cyber-attacks and minimize the impact in case one happens.

Helping businesses secure information throughout the lifecycle, Thales enables secure digital transformation of the most critical information systems and protects every stage of the data lifecycle, right from data generation and data storage to data in transit and data in process. The company also provides compliance and security services for cloud security, encryption key management and access management. “Our specialists in critical information systems and cybersecurity design and deliver cutting-edge technology solutions and services to meet the unique requirements of businesses such as cyber threat detection, cyber security remediation and cyber training. And our engineering competence center in Delhi-NCR has been playing a key role in achieving this,” informs Emmanuel. “We combine a unique blend of expertise, talent and cultures to ensure information security throughout the lifecycle and make tomorrow possible, today in the most secure way possible. From the bottom of the oceans to the depths of space and cyberspace, we help customers think smarter and act faster, thus mastering ever greater complexity and every decisive moment along the way,” he adds about their unique approach.

We provide a wide range cyber security related products and solutions and help businesses keep pace with evolving cyber space by ensuring security for their enterprise data wherever it resides

As a global leader in the cyber security domain, Thales provides services to clients from various industries such as government bodies, banking and payment, enterprise segment, critical infrastructure providers across the world including India. When it comes to India, Thales has been providing services in the digital identity and security segment in the country, which include data protection solutions for insurance sector, financial sector, oil and telecom as well as UIDAI.