UST Global: Solving Complex Digital Innovation Challenges

CIO Vendor Digital innovation is at the heart of organizations today as it helps them digitize their internal business processes, resulting in faster and better operations. Therefore, digital innovation has become the goal for numerous companies, but unfortunately, many companies get distracted before they reap the rewards. Achieving digital innovation is complicated and it can throw up several challenges. Organizations today have to align the talent, resources and solutions required to solve complex digital innovation challenges.

Perfectly understanding these challenges, UST Global offers a unique and next generation digital innovation service through which the company brings an Innovation Pod model that can create viable concepts and products in 6 to 16 weeks. “Clients have moved away from ‘throw it over the wall’ projects to true partnerships. Our clients expect us to be part of the ‘opportunity to digitize’ discovery process, have deep user centric design and advanced data capabilities and to deliver iteratively and at speed, scalable and secure technology solutions. They expect providers to be willing to share both outcomes and risks,” says Niranjan Ram, Chief Technology Officer, UST Global. “Our Innovation Pods are a unique and comprehensive model that meets all the aforementioned requirements before scaling with our regular execution engines,” he adds.

Next Generation Digital Innovation Service
Headquartered in Aliso Viejo, UST Global is a provider of next generation digital solutions for the Fortune 500 companies across the globe. The company’s digital transformation capabilities cover every area, right from consultative opportunity identification to developing cutting edge solutions conducted in its innovation labs and garages, to industrializing and supporting at scale.

UST Global approaches digital transformation challenges with a proprietary set of tools and techniques that provide empathy with the human experience. Through its Digital Transformation Consulting services and with a worldwide presence unmatched in the digital services space, the company assists organizations in their digital transformation with thought leadership comprehensive execution capabilities.

“Our mission is to lead companies through critical digital transformation to drive higher business. A majority of our revenues today are driven by digital transformation needs of our clients. We embrace disruption both in the way we do our business and the way we support our clients’ businesses. We bring in extensive automation in everything we do and are constantly questioning the ‘status quo’,” affirms Niranjan Ram.

What differentiates UST Global from the other players is its domain knowledge. With its laser sharp focus on selected industry verticals, the
company brings deep domain knowledge to every step of the process in various verticals.

Helping businesses in their digital journey
UST Global’s consulting experts work with clients to identify opportunities to disrupt – from using mixed reality solutions to improve the accuracy of e-commerce picks, to using data to predict customer complaints, to using IoT devices on cows to optimize milk yield. The company’s labs develop two or three possible solution approaches and then deliver a working prototype and frequently integrate hardware and software typically within 8 to 10 weeks. After identifying potential solutions, the execution teams help harden the solution and support rollout at scale.

Our mission is to lead companies through critical digital transformation to drive higher business. A majority of our revenues today are driven by digital transformation needs of our clients

UST Global’s Cloud solutions are an integral part of many such deployments not just due to the flexibility of scaling but because of the ability to accelerate time to market. The company’s cloud teams leverage the extensive availability of self-service capabilities and cloud-native functions to deliver high performant, tested and validated software to meet today’s imperative to be fast to market, while being extensible and without adding further technical debt. While a part of the company’s services are focused on moving legacy systems to the cloud, UST Global’s cloud architects and operations teams have built and architected platforms and frameworks to support this.

The company is constantly recruiting and retraining its proven employees to new technologies and is anticipating growth in excess of 25 percent year on year.

Customer-Centric Global Engagement Model
UST Global believes in building long term, strategic business partnerships through clientcentric global engagement models that combine local experts and resources with the cost, scale and quality advantages of global operations. This client centric focus forms the basis of how UST Global, as a company operates and serves its clients.

Another major factor is the industry leading expertise found within UST Global’s Centers of Excellence (COEs) that plays a key role in the company’s success with clients. With the business model of fewer clients and more attention, UST Global strives for excellence in providing its clients with best services and commitment to long-term client success.