Zacco Cybersecurity Labs: A Smarter Approach to Thwart Current and Future Cybersecurity Attacks

CIO Vendor In our digitally advanced and highly connected world, organizations need to put in place security programs to protect themselves and their assets from the increasing amount of cyber-attacks. One of the topmost security challenges encountered is phishing attacks where businesses and individuals are susceptible to information security breaches. Failure to empower the employees with the capability of securing the enterprise data might lead to the downfall of an organization. Educating the workforce and conducting trainings with a simulated phishing setup helps the organization be better prepared. While there are several solutions aimed to fight phishing attempts, these solutions are not essentially as effective. Solution providers are unable to deliver technology that possesses the ability to eliminate well-crafted cyber-attack attempts disguised as Trojans before it reaches the specified target.

Assisting organizations and its workforce to better understand how to avoid falling prey to advancing phishing attacks is Zacco Cybersecurity Labs Pvt Ltd, with its unique flagship product, an advanced phishing simulator - VPhish. The solution has been designed and developed to assist in simulating customized phishing campaigns to identify the naive employees who are vulnerable to phishing attacks. “VPhish with its unique features becomes a handy solution for all organisations to build their human firewall and prevent heavy losses due to cyber-attacks and data breaches. It not only focuses on identifying human vulnerability but also educates them on how to be vigilant,” says Pradeep Menon Perinchery, Director at Zacco Cybersecurity Labs Pvt Ltd.

A Strategic Approach to Achieving Superior Cybersecurity
A comprehensive security awareness product, VPhish proffers a plethora of features that can be leveraged to help be come cyber vigilant. The
execution of phishing campaign is just done in 5 clicks. The solution comes with a pool of scenario and awareness material libraries to choose from and all the materials are customizable. Users can also create their own scenarios and/or awareness materials, using the in-built editor. The real-time results of the campaign conducted are provided on the user-friendly dashboard in a holistic fashion that displays absolute statics using simplified graphics. It supports multiple languages which help in hassle free customization of campaigns based on different regions. Users can also extract the customised detailed campaign reports in different formats. Moreover, it is integrated with leading-edge Learning Management Platform that provides security awareness courses and gives a handson experience on different cybersecurity related topics enabling employees to be more cyber vigilant and become a part of a cyber-friendly workforce. In conjunction with this offering, Zacco also provides eSecurelearning, VSecureshop and VSintelli, three of its other key solutions. “Apart from VPhish, Zacco also offers Customised LMS, corporate security awareness programs, ISO Compliance consulting, Red Teaming assessment, Breach investigations & Managed Security Solutions,” adds Pradeep.

VPhish with its unique features is a handy solution for all organisations to build their human firewall and prevent heavy losses due to cyber-attacks and data breaches

Zacco takes pride in its 150 years’ experience of innovative thinking and serving a broad range of renowned clientele. The company envisions increasing its market penetration and scope of coverage. It intends to achieve this goal through channel partners and value added distributor network.